Implants & Oral Surgery

Why have healthy teeth damaged to replace missing teeth? You can have great teeth you can chew with even if you were told in the past this will not be possible. 


implantDental implants are artificial tooth replacements that are used in the treatment of tooth loss.


There are a number of options for the treatment of missing teeth; none have proven to be as effective and durable as implants.  Dental implants are sometimes the only logical choice for the restoration of necessary teeth as they leave remaining teeth intact.


Strong, durable and natural in appearance, implants are among the most successful dental procedures performed (95% success with the right after care).  People who have lost teeth might feel too self-conscious to smile or talk.  Additionally, tooth loss can have a negative effect on eating habits and this can lead to health problems like malnutrition.

Same day implants & teeth
Single tooth implants
Multiple teeth replacement
Implant retained dentures