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IGDP is a leading, independently owned, Private Dental Practice. We have also established ourselves as a very successful referral centre for many of our colleagues all over London. We can, and will continue to provide very affordable patient care, at a very high standard and without compromise.  We can only achieve this by being able to work closely together with each other and our patients. We do our best to ensure your visit with us will be pleasantly uneventful.

Dental Practice Feedback

We always welcome feedback of any nature and understand the value of this.  We also understand that for some, the thought of visiting the dentist, can be daunting one.  Let us know what we can do to make your next visit even more pleasant than the last.

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New Patients

New patients are allocated a 30-minute appointment slot for a full dental examination. If you have not already done so online, you will have to complete a medical questionnaire upon arrival, therefore you must allow for enough time. Please bring a list of your medication with. Your doctor’s contact details will also be required.

We do not expect you to provide copies of your dental records from your previous dentist. You will be offered follow-up appointments if you require any with the dentist and hygienist. A full estimate of your treatment cost is always available from reception. Emergency treatment will be provided on the day if you are in pain.

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Online Medical History

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Please complete this form with as much detail as possible. If you opt to leave some information out, please discuss this with your dentist at the time of your consultation. Referral patients who are registered elsewhere with another dentist do not need to complete the Dental Health History section.

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