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When I entered the surgery I was in a tremendous amount of pain … I was treated by Pinar and a lovely smile who reassured me that it would all be ok

Rory is without doubt the best dentist I have ever seen ..he immediately reassured me that he would stop the pain and do what had to be done ! He was efficient and with a really nice manner made me feel at ease

I would and will recommend IGDP to anyone who I know needs dental treatment …it’s a first class service

I would and will recommend IGDP to anyone who I know needs dental treatment...: KG (London)

I would like to thank Stephan and his team who made me feel welcome and at ease right from the start of my treatment. I am very happy with the results fastbraces has given me and loved how affordable it was. I have already recommended a colleague who is having the treatment and will continue to tell people about fast braces.

What would you highlight about us? The friendliness of all the people that worked there and what you have to offer

Made me feel welcome and at ease...: EF (London)

Very happy with the treatment. I had always been insecure with my teeth but never had the courage to fix them until 2 years ago when I decided to consult IGDP for the Invasilign treatment. I followed Dr.Vuuren’s instruction very carefully and the quality of my teeth improved significantly within a year. I would recommend the treatment to anyone considering it provided they actually follow the guidelines set by Dr.Vuuren, otherwise it would be a waste of money.

The quality of my teeth improved...: DF (London)

Having Fastbraces was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I really didn’t believe it could work so quickly, it took just 11 months to achieve straight beautiful teeth. I had been told by other orthodontists that it would take between 18 months to 2 years and was going to cost nearly double the price! I received my treatment from Dr Stephan Jansen van Vuuren a professional, attentive orthodontist who was extremely patient and exceeded my expectations with regards to care and treatment.

All the staff at Islington Green Dental Practice were absolutely delightful, they were flexible with appointments, helpful, nothing was too much trouble and everything was done with a smile. My overall experience was fantastic and would highly recommend Fastbraces at the IGDP to anyone who wants perfect teeth quickly, I can’t stop smiling.

A big thank you, I love my teeth...: LT (London)

I don’t normally write testimonials as unfortunately service/experiences are not usually worth writing about, but I do not hesitate to write a testimonial for Stephan van Vuuren and the Practice.

I have had Stephan as a Dentist for many years and, as I found him to always give an honest answer, I asked him would I be a suitable candidate for the Invisalign treatment as I had an overbite and had not been happy with my smile for a long time.
Stephan patiently gave me all the details and took time to show me ‘before and after’ photos of past cases so I could see the fantastic results achieved, and I certainly felt no pressure in saying yes to the treatment especially after I was also shown, via computer imagery, how my end result would look – I was a little doubtful that this could be achieved, but after about 15 months of treatment – Stephan proved me wrong!
I sailed through the treatment – mostly due to Stephan making the whole process so easy – I wish Invisalign had been around years ago – it’s so nice to look in the mirror and see yourself with a lovely smile!

Stephan proved me wrong!: SM (London)

I must say how happy I am with the treatment when my implants were finished, over the 5 months of the dental work being completed everything went to plan. The staff phone you for a couple of days of the early treatment to check your o.k., this is only a fairly small surgery at Islington Green but could soon have a big reputation. Just goes to show you dont have to go to Harley Street to get top professional work done.

You don’t have to go to Harley Street: BM (London)

I would just like to say how absolutely delighted I am with the results of my Invisalign course.
Dr Van Vuuren listened to my worries about my slightly wonky bottom front teeth and totally dispelled them during the course of treatment.
I am SO delighted with the result (and have had many un-prompted good comments) that I have recommended him and the Invisalign treatment to a number of my friends who are now also delighted with their results!
Well done IGDP and Dr Van Vuuren – you are a credit to your profession!

A credit to your profession: PK (Surrey)

I had suffered from slightly crooked teeth for years and just thought that was just the way things were… In one of my routine appointments Stephan suggested that Invisalign might help correct my teeth alignment. Initially, I was (of course) very sceptical as I believed braces were for school children who liked to show off a mouth of metal and not forty-something men… Stephan was kind and supportive and assured me that nobody would even know I was ‘being done’ as the aligners were almost invisible and the change would be gradual. He was of course right, nobody knew I was being treated as the aligners were invisible and really comfortable. Every four weeks I got a new aligner and the teeth moved just a small amount each time. The end results are amazing, I’m gobsmacked (so to speak) and I now have the teeth I had dreamed of and am happier than ever. I am three years post Invisalign treatment now and have never looked back. My teeth were not only aligned but levelled too. I feel completely confident to smile now in a way I hadn’t even realised before.

Easy and affordable: RL (London)

I’ve always look after my teeth reasonably well but over the years they have slowly unaligned. After using the Invisaline treatment over the past year, my teeth are now fully aligned – better than they have ever been. It doesn’t take very long to get used to wearing the plastic braces and after a short while I didn’t even notice wearing them at all.

My teeth are now perfectly straight; you can see it in the before and after photos but more importantly my friends tell me spontaneously. And I really appreciate the permanence of this treatment so this is the last time my teeth will ever need to be straightened.

My business requires me to travel around London and in my case, my treatment has required a regular 15 minute check-up every 6 weeks; It makes a big difference that Dr van Vuuren always starts on time and keeps it brief. He’s also been great at giving me slots that fit around my business priorities.

Above all, I have always cared for my teeth over the years but what I really like about Dr van Vuuren, is he really cares for my teeth even more than I do! – Spotting ways to go beyond my original expectation and insisting on more than one cycle of treatment to get the very best result.

Beyond my original expectations:  GJ (London)

While at first, I was a little sceptical of the results I could expect from the treatment, Stephan invested a significant amount of time to ensure my concerns were addressed and to set my expectations. Having recently finished the treatment I can honestly say that all expectations were bettered and for the first time in my adult life I have a set of teeth to be very proud of.

Expectations were bettered: PG (London)

I had 12 months of treatment with invisalign to help lower a canine tooth which was high in my gum. Having reached the age of 30, I had always been aware of it and did not like the appearance, but did not realise there was an option for treatment which didn’t involve metal braces. Stephan explained the option of clear braces with a sequence of trays to wear, which would slowly move the tooth down into position. In addition, it lined up the rest of my teeth and really made a difference. The best thing was that most people had no idea I was having treatment! The trays were not difficult to put in or take out, and I quickly adapted to wearing them.

Its been 2 years since I wore the braces, and I now wear a nightime retainer on alternate nights to keep the teeth aligned, which is no problem. The teeth have not moved back at all. I am really grateful to Stephan for his help, and would wholeheartedly recommend Invisalign to others. It really is a good investment and you will have no regrets about having had the treatment.

A good investment: BG (London)

I had my teeth straightened by Stephan using Invisalign and am really pleased with the result. The treatment took about a year and throughout that period Stephan was consistently helpful and informative. Before the treatment began I felt slightly sceptical that it would proceed as smoothly as Stephan assured me it would, but he was right. No problems at all. I have also been very impressed by his follow-up care.

Impressed by his follow-up care: KB (London)

I have been a dental patient with IGDP for many years, oddly quite enjoying the comfortable surroundings and relaxed but professional attitude of Stephan and his team.
When Stephan suggested he could straighten my crooked smile & use the almost invisible invisaline system I was amazed as I felt my case a particular challenge.
Stephan showed me some before and after shots of his previous patients and after his clear and professional explanation I felt confident that he could really improve things.
I did not however realise how good the transformation would be.
I laugh hysterically when I see my teeth as they used to be, l can’t believe I kept kidding myself all was fine.
For me the results are amazing, better than I could have hoped for and my smile does get noticed and yes it does make you more confident.

Better than I could have hoped for: MW (London)

It sounded a bit daunting at first, but the care and charm with which I was handled by Stefan at IGDP made the experience easy to handle. From the initial recommendation of treatment, through to the preparation of the aligners and on to the final polish, I have been extremely impressed by his professionalism.

Extremely impressed by his professionalism: SB (London)

I recently completed Invisalign at Islington Green Dental Practice. I have always looked after my teeth but was unhappy that they were rather ‘snaggly’ so talked to my dentist, Stephan, about what could be done. He recommended Invisalign, an individually tailored computer generated process whereby the patient wears almost invisible plastic trays over their teeth which are changed every 2 weeks and which gradually bring the teeth into line. In my case this process took almost a year, during which time I was closely monitored by Stephan. I am delighted with the result. For the first time my teeth look really good though completely natural and do, I am sure, enhance my overall appearance. Throughout the treatment Stephan was encouraging, professional and confidence inspiring.

Encouraging, professional and confidence inspiring: JF (London)

Sedation Patient

Stephan, Alistair & the nurse (whose name I don’t know). Thank you very much for turning a dreaded event into – not exactly a fun afternoon out – but a friendly afternoon! And I’m very happy with the result. And thanks to the receptionist who made my son feel welcome & provided coffee.

A friendly afternoon: PS (London)

We have a great team at IGDP Limited, working towards delivering a happy outcome for you.

Dr Iman recently placed an implant in my power jaw to fill a gap following the extraction of a rotten tooth. I have always found him to be most approachable with a caring manner. He has always spent a lot of time explaning the different treatment options to me. From the very beginning I have been involved in the decision- making process regarding my treatment and I have always felt well looked after both before, during and after the process. The final result has been well worth it and I will definitely be considering further implants in the future as I need them.  I would certainly recommend Dr Imam to anyone who is interested in this kind of treatment.

Most approachable with a caring manner: CC (London)

Before having implant surgery my confidence was at an all time low. I had lost my top four front teeth to gum disease and wore dentures.Before the treatment with Alistair Iman my hand constantly covered my mouth while speaking or smiling and I never ate in front of anyone other than my family. (dining out was just not an option ) I ran out of excuses as to why I couldn’t attend functions at work etc; Having the treatment done has been a valuable investment and I have absolutely no regrets. I now eat with no worries, having the confidence to be relaxed about something as simple as smiling around others is priceless. Alistair made the process so easy. All treatment was explained and discussed fully. I would like to thank Alistair for his professionalism, consideration and patience.  Most of all I would like to thank him for giving me the opportunity to be myself again. There are no words to describe the difference that implants have made to my life. I would encourage any one with any doubts with regards to treatment to go ahead . My teeth are amazing , yours could be too.

No words to describe the difference: KM (London)

After having one of my molars removed I was extremely self conscious of the large gap when smiling. Alistair showed me before & after photos of patients he had treated with an implant, the results looked amazing. Although slightly hesitant I decided to forge ahead. I can honestly say it was the best decision I made. Alistair was very reassuring, talking me through the procedure step by step. A few months later & with minimal visits I had my implant. To say I’m thrilled with it, is an understatement. It looks & feels exactly like a natural tooth, you would never know the difference. My confidence has been completely restored and I no longer have to half smile or cover my mouth when laughing. I would thoroughly recommend Alistair, he’s extremely professional, friendly and the quality of his work & dedication is outstanding, he looks after my teeth as if they were his own. If you are thinking of having an implant, the benefits most definitely outweigh the cost, it really is money well spent.

Quality of his work and dedication is outstanding: LH (London)

The treatment I received at IGDP was fantastic. I arrived with a snapped, dead front tooth which needed removing and needed to be replaced with as aesthetically pleasing a false tooth as possible. Alistair guided me through every step of the complicated procedure, gave me my options and gently advised me toward the best course of action. This procedure required many visits to the dentist chair, and not once did I feel any pain or discomfort, and everything was completed as efficiently and comfortably as possible. The after care was also fantastic – there was one instance when my implant caused me difficulty, and Alistair managed to see me the very same day as an emergency appointment. This then required a little more work, which he did happily and for nothing. More than 2 years on, I still have an entirely unnoticeable implant, which I very rarely even think about and am safe in the knowledge that should anything untoward happen to it, I would have no qualms in visiting Alistair again, and would be in the best possible hands.

I can’t speak highly enough of the service I received: JT (London)

Alistair Imam and his team at IGDP performed two implants for me over the last 24 months which I initially approached with trepidation. It couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Not only was the treatment hugely successful but the whole operation was handled sensitively and virtually pain free. A time line was discussed and agreed and exactly what Alistair said would happen did. This meant that I could fit the procedures around my work commitments with ease. The final results were fantastic and I feel so much more confident now the work has been done. I know longer have any problems with the teeth that have the implants and that has been hugely beneficial to my sense of well being.  I couldn’t be more happy with the results and the way it was all managed. Brilliant and worth every penny!

I couldn’t be more happy RKL (London)

I was very pleased with my implant and indeed I thought the whole process went very well. You explained the whole process very clearly including most importantly what I should expect on the day of the actual fitting of the implant. You explained it would feel unusual which indeed it did but at no time did I experience any pain or discomfort. In just 2 or 3 days after the operation, everything was back to normal. And I am happy to report I have had no problems whatsoever with the implant. It was a very good decision to go ahead to have the implant done and also to have chosen you to do it.

At no time did I experience any pain or discomfort: PS (London)

I had an implant to replace a failed molar carried out by Alistair Imam at IGDP. I had previously had two other implants for the same reason at a different practice. My experience with Alistair was first-class and a significant improvement on my previous experiences. Alistair was very approachable; I felt I could discuss all of my concerns fully. My treatment was pain-free and gave me great confidence in his technical skills. I was particularly impressed with the sterile preparation of the procedure area. The final result is absolutely excellent, aesthetically and functionally. I shall definitely request Alistair to do my next implant as, regrettably, I am fairly sure I will be requiring another sometime in the future.

First Class: JH (London)

To the team at Islington Green Dental Practice. It is now just over a year since the work on my four implants was completed and this is to say thank you Alistair and your team for a wonderful job done.  I had them so I could eat better and not to look better.

Wonderful job done: PB (London)