Our private fees are designed to be fair and to enable us to offer patients the freedom of choice to have advanced treatments.



This is a summary of the fees we charge. It is only a guide and can vary depending on your needs.

All comments and suggestions are welcomed and taken very seriously because they help us to continually improve our services to patients.

You will receive a full printed estimate at the time of your examination and if changes occur in your treatment cost.

Please discuss your treatment estimate with your dentist or one of the practice managers if you are unsure about anything.

Patient examination, excluding x-rays £45.00
New patient examination, including x-ray £75.00
Emergency appointment (pain relief) £95.00
Consultation – no treatment / second opinion £49.00
Small x–rays £19.00
OPG/Panorex £45.00
CT-scan £99.00
Sedation, intravenous – per hour £180.00
Hygienist visit / 30 minutes £59.00
Incisors & canines £450.00
Premolars £495.00
Molars £575.00
Apicectomy – including bone graft £675.00
Small £95.00
Medium £125.00
Large £145.00
Botox, from £190.00
Veneer £750.00
Crown/cap (Full Ceramic) £750.00
Recement crown/veneer £60.00
Inlay £650.00
Implant, from  £2300.00
Denture, from £450.00
Denture repair £POA
Invisalign, from  £2600.00
Lingual braces, from £2100.00
FASTBRACES®, from £2700.00
Retainer set, from £200.00
Simple extraction  £130.00
Wisdom tooth removal £250.00
PRGF (plasma rich growth factors) £150.00
Sleepwell – MAS  £350.00
Patient examination, excluding x-rays £19.00
Filling on primary/baby tooth £55.00
Filling on permanent tooth £90.00
Extraction – per visit £55.00
All other treatment – based on adult fees