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Sedation & Nervous Patients

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“Sedation offers support to those patients with a dental phobia.”

It is possible to have dental treatment even if you believe your dental phobia will make this unlikely

We understand how difficult it can be for some patients to attend due to their fear of dentistry.
Sedation will almost certainly help you to manage your fears effectively.
Treatment cost for sedation is £180/hour and payments on account is possible.

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With intravenous sedation or IV sedation, a drug is administered though an injection the arm or hand to make you feel like you are asleep. IV sedation does not actually induce sleep. You will remain conscious and can follow instructions from your dentist. However, the feelings of relaxation will be intense enough for you not to remember much about what happened under treatment, if at all. This is because the kind of drugs that are used in this kind of sedation can bring about amnesia, either in part or in full, from the time you begin to feel the effects of the sedation, to the time the effect wears off.

The sedation drug is administered into a vein using a very thin needle that is encased in a soft plastic tube. When the needle is removed from the vein, it leaves the plastic tube behind, and this tube is used to administer the drug. The anti-anxiety sedative that we use for IV sedation is a benzodiazepine. IV sedation, when it is administered and supervised by an experienced and trained dentist, is extremely safe. IV sedatives are not meant to be used during pregnancy, glaucoma, lung or kidney problems and allergies to the sedative drugs. Older patients and children are generally not suitable for IV sedation. 

Advantages of IV Sedation

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  • The sedative takes effect very quickly and your dentist can manipulate the drug dosage to bring about the level of sedation that’s desirable.

  • IV sedatives can also lead to an extreme level of sedation that is deeper, and more intense than other sedation methods, like taking the medication orally.

  • Persons who suffer from a severe gag reflex can benefit greatly from IV sedation.

Disadvantages of IV Sedation

  • If you have an extreme fear of needles, however, you may not find it easy to have the needle inserted intravenously.

  • Occasionally, bruising may occur.

  • The drugs may not stop affecting you even after the dental procedure is complete. For this reason, you need to be accompanied by a friend or family member. You have to allow for a recovery period of at least 24 hours.

  • Your medical health or weight(obesity) may be a contra-indication. You will undergo a full health assessment before we will agree to administering IV sedation.