Our Treatment Policies & Charter on Patient Safety


We are proud to say that we rarely have to refer our patients elsewhere for treatment.  All aspects of dental treatment are provided for at IGDP.  Our team work hard to stay abreast with new developments and treatment options to ensure we offer our patients the best options.  We lead, where others follow.

We understand that some patients find the thought of dental treatment daunting. We offer conscious sedation to these patient as a possible option to overcome their fears and to make it a bit easier to have treatment. Discuss your concerns with your dentist. We will work together to make your visits at IGDP a much more pleasant experience.

  • All our fillings are done with the very best of materials and contain no metals (or mercury)
  • We use digital x-ray processes to dramatically reduce your exposure to radiation.
  • We adhere firmly to the guidelines of the CQC, the GDC and on all aspects, including record keeping, disinfection and sterilisation.
  • We ensure that all of our treatments are evidence based and follow NICE interventional procedure guidance.
  • We have a policy of minimum intervention, this means we do the least treatment possible to achieve the best results for our patients.

Our practice has a safety culture which means that patient safety is at the forefront of everyone’s minds not only when delivering healthcare but also when setting objectives, developing procedures, purchasing new products and equipment. It is also a culture that is open and fair, where team members can discuss the challenges they face at work for the best interests of our patients.  For patient safety we:

  • Follow the latest infection prevention guidelines including those from NHS England
  • Use dental instruments that are single use, or are sterilised after each patient use
  • Decontaminate work areas including the dental chair, hand held equipment and cupboard handles, in between patients
  • Maintain a high standard of personal hygiene including clinical clothing and the restricted wear of jewellery
  • Monitor practice water for quality.  Dental unit waterlines are disinfected and kept clear
  • Handle waste according to current regulations and dispose of it with appropriate carriers
  • Take expert advice if a team member may have a blood borne infection.  The team member will have an occupational health examination and follow professional advice on their role in treating patients

All our team member are trained in safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults and follow the practice safeguarding procedures, which are regularly monitored and reviewed.

For continual improvements in care, service and safety to our patients we operate a good governance system called iComply.

Stephan van Vuuren – Principle

As the Practice Owner I have the overall responsibility at the practice.  I lead and support the team through regular meetings, staff training, personal development and regular appraisals, with the help of  Pinar Mac Sweeney.  We always welcome your questions, comments and suggestions.  Please contact me if we can help you in any way or if you have any questions about patient safety at the practice.

About Fees & Cancellation Policy

Our private fees are designed to be fair and to enable us to offer patients the freedom of choice to have advanced treatments. All comments and suggestions are welcomed and taken very seriously because they help us to continually improve our services to patients. We require at least 48 hours notice, should you need to rebook or cancel your appointment. A minimum professional fee of £26.00 for every 10 minutes of the booked time may be charged to you if you fail to attend your appointment or if you arrive late and we need to reschedule.