Nobody wants to lose teeth to achieve a great smile. You can have straight teeth without the need for extractions, no matter how old you are.

Treatment cost starts from £2, 500 and payments on account are possible.

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Reasons why you SHOULD get your teeth straightened

Appearance: Straight, white teeth are more attractive than crooked, yellowed and broken down teeth. Along with the straight teeth comes an improved bite. Various bite problems from overbite to underbite can cause excessive wear of your teeth, possible jaw joint problems and even problems breathing. Crowded teeth, crooked teeth, overjet and overbite can all lead to swollen, red, bleeding gums because it is difficult to brush and floss around them. This leads to next reason to get your teeth straightened.

Straight teeth are healthier teeth: Straight teeth get fewer cavities, are less likely to have problems with discoloration, uneven wear and fractures. The gums are healthier too and therefore you are less likely to develop gum disease. Studies have identified 4 pathogens that are associated with poorly positioned teeth.*

Straight teeth and healthy gums mean you can chew anything you want. Your teeth are less likely to be sensitive to heat or cold and you lower your risk of painful and expensive dental problems.

Feel better about yourself:  Appearance does matter. Studies have proven over and over again the advantages of an attractive appearance and smile as it relates to job opportunities. The amount of money you make and even the people you attract into your life. Like it or not, your smile is a reflection of you.

A longer life may be possible: There are well known studies that prove that people who floss daily will live an extra 7 years longer. Flossing is fun when you have room for the floss and not so fun when your teeth are crooked and crowded. A study done in 2009 and published in the American Journal of Cardiology showed that people with gum disease are 24 -35 percent more likely to suffer coronary artery disease. As mentioned above, straight teeth are easier to keep clean and therefore you are less likely to have gum disease and heart disease too!

Preventing your teeth from getting fractured: Protruding (buck) teeth are easily broken from an accidental fall, sports related injury, car accidents and schoolyard brawls. By getting your teeth straight and your protruding teeth back inside your mouth, you will find that you have a better chance of keeping them from injury. Of course, if you do play contact sports, we always recommend a mouth guard to protect your teeth during orthodontics and after they are perfectly straight.

* Eikinella corrodens, Fusobacteriom nucleatum, Treponema, denticola & Campylobacter rectus

(Published in the Journal of Dental, Oral Disorders & Therapy, Sept 2014)